The most common side effects of the drug to eliminate erectile dysfunction Cialis, the interaction of this remedy with other medicines and alcohol.

Cialis is one of the most effective and commonly prescribed medications to eliminate erectile dysfunction and increase potency in men. This drug has no analogues on the duration of action and effectiveness in addressing the problems with potency, so the majority of American and European doctors prescribe to their patients is Cialis. Another positive feature of this drug is its safety for the male organism and a very minor side effect. Cialis doctors prescribe to patients suffering from diabetes and kidney disease, liver, as well as for older men older than 65 years. However, in spite of the unconditional efficiency, the drug has some side effects, and before taking Cialis pills men should be familiar with them.

Cialis side effects on the organism has seldom, less than 5% cases. Most often it is expressed in dizziness, headaches, pain in the muscles of the back and extremities. These unpleasant symptoms in most cases terminated after 3-4 hours after taking the medicine Cialis and after repeated dose of drug side effects not appear. Less common side effects of this remedy to increase potency appear nausea, intestinal upset, pain in the eyes, swelling of the eyelids and prolonged erection. When these symptoms emerge after taking Cialis, men need to see a doctor, as the cause of the side effects may be individual intolerance to the drug .

Men, which suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system before taking Cialis should consult a doctor and determine the optimal dosage of this medication. Cialis increases blood pressure, therefore in patients with hypertension, vascular dystonia this drug can cause serious complications of the disease. Also, Cialis should be taken with caution to men with the disease cataracts and kidney and liver failure. Tadalafil (Cialis the main active component) is excreted from the organism within 2 days. However, in renal failure the process of withdrawing of this drug from the body may take a longer time, and for this reason doctors prescribed to men who suffer from this disease, a lower dosage.

Cialis can be taken simultaneously with other drugs , as it does not affect the action of most medication. However , doctors do not recommend taking Cialis along with medications that contain nitrates , or with other medications to eliminate erectile dysfunction. The combination of Cialis with alcohol is also permissible , but excessive dose of alcohol (more than 200 grams of alcoholic beverages containing 35-40 % ethyl alcohol) can have a negative impact on the effectiveness of the drug and cause side effects.